About Me

I’ve been fascinated with gaming ever since my first taste of Neopets during highschool. After playing Runescape some years later, I was hooked on MMORPGs, and eventually moved onto World of Warcraft, and MOBAs such as Heroes of the Storm and other games such as Diablo III.

Since I begam playing WoW, I’ve been in love with the dynamic nature of Druids, and the playstyle of the feral specialisation. I also like writing about my experiences in the game, and other games, about the feral playstyle and encounters.


I selected this image because it was consistent with the cat theme I try to use to relate to my World of Warcraft character. Although this avatar isn’t particularly fierce, I like the intense, curious stare it has. It reminds me of when my cat is eyeing something that interests her, and she is deciding whether it is worth attacking or not. Images of cat eyes or faces is a theme I like to use in relation to my online gaming presences because my World of Warcraft character plays as a cat.

This is a piece of art which is licenced under Creative Commons, and is used within the limits of that licence.

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