Tweet Reflections

Remediating for 140 Characters

# tags: The most common tags I found relating to my topic of interest were:


#worldofwarcraft (used less commonly than just Warcraft)



Copy of each tweet and retweet:



My thoughts:

World of Warcraft is a very active topic on Twitter, and it’s easy to get lost in the masses. The #warcraft tag is very commonly used for many aspects relating to the game, and it may not gain attention to your tweets because of the very high amount of content associated with it. On the other hand, more specific hashtags like #feraldruid are better for finding tweets related to my topic, but vary very much in content. For example, while some tweets may be comments on Feral Druids, many others are simply screenshot “selfies” of people’s characters. Slightly more generalised topics such as #druids don’t tend to be very useful, as they could relate to a number of topics, many completely unrelated.

Aside from tags, developing a network of people with similar topics of interest to yourself seems very beneficial for engaging in discussions, sharing information and promoting interest in your own blog as well as establishing yourself among a community. From my experience with this task, it seems like you generally need a good following already for your tweets to have maximum effect. While you can try and get the attention of other users with @[name] usage, you may never get a response (especially if the person is very well known and too busy to read all tweets). It takes time to develop a relationship and rapport with other users to achieve a network where your tweets are taken notice of. It’s a similar to Blood (2002)’s discussion of integrity and ethics in blogging – the need to establish a network with readers and other writers, and that they can trust the integrity of your writing. Even though Twitter is only a form of microblogging, I feel it requires the same standards as blogging in order for other users to trust that your tweets are trustworthy and authoritative on the subject, and valuable as a person to follow.


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