Just when things were getting dull…

Warning! Some nerdy talk and gaming jargon below!

With the next expansion for World of Warcraft still months away, and no substantial new content or raids to expect until that time, it was a nice surprise when Blizzard announced patch 6.2.3 – a mini content patch aimed at improving some of the Timewalking dungeons they introduced previously, and proving better rewards. For those of you who don’t know Timewalking, they are dungeons from previous expansions that had little to no value to most players except for nostalgia purposes, that you can now complete on designated weekend events to receive better rewards. Also, whereas previously only 2 different sets of dungeons were available – from Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade – with this update 5 dungeons from Cataclysm will also be available. Two other dungeons will be added to the rotation for Wotlk and BC also. Currently, there are no Timewalking dungeons for Classic or Mists of Pandaria.

It’s pretty obviously a desperate attempt to dress up old content to try to hold people’s interest – which in itself isn’t a bad idea, as many players spend long hours re-experiencing nostalgic content, or experiencing it for the first time if they began their World of Warcraft experience after these dungeons were released. However, the scope has been woefully small. The weekly quest for Timewalking requires 5 dungeons from that Timewalking event to be completed, but until this patch there were only 4 dungeons available. This means that due to the random nature of which dungeon you will get selected, you could be repeating the same dungeon several times during that weekend event. Not only that, but there were a multitude of dungeons available during each of those expansions and out of the 16 – yes 16 – from Wotlk alone, only 4 are available through Timewalking. Timewalking dungeons could have been much better, but the small pool of available dungeons makes it extremely repetitive. It’s possible more dungeons will be made available in the future to space out the content, to give these nostalgic dungeons continued interest.

Patch 6.2.3 Preview


It’s not all bad though. Aside from a few small “quality of life” updates in this patch, such as cross realm mythic raiding and item upgrading, there’s also something coming that makes even me excited. A new mount! If you don’t get why this is exciting, all I can say is it’s a WoW thing. 🙂


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